15 Pack Millenniata M-Disc BD-R 25GB 4X HD 1000 Year Permanent Data Archival / Backup Blank Media Recordable Disc

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as of 12/03/2023 (Details)

Features: Now M-DISC comes in a 25GB Blu-ray! Every scrapbooker, business owner, photographer, every person fears losing the legacy they have spent their lifetime creating. M-DISC eliminates that fear. Once written, your documents, medical records, photos, videos and data will last up to 1,000 years. "Just M-Disc and Forget It!" M-DISC is the only data storage solution to withstand rigorous testing by the U.S. Department of Defense. M-DISC is resistant to extreme conditions of light, temperature, humidity and more. M-DISC cannot be overwritten, erased or corrupted by natural processes. The unique materials used in the M-DISC requires a new disc drive technology to engrave data permanently. M-DISC and M-DISC Duplicator have been designed and optimized to work as one to etch data into the permanent synthetic stone layers within M-DISC. M-DISC is constructed of inorganic, synthetic materials that preserve data forever. It is as if data were etched in "stone". The National Archives warns that the shelf life of a regular Blu-ray is only 2-5 years. In addition to preserving data permanently, M-DISC is designed to be backward compatible with standard Blu-ray players. Once data is store on M-DISC it is readily accessible using a common Blu-Ray players. Permanently stores information. Readable and Writable on Current Blu-ray Drives. Eliminates costly "data rotation". Archived at the point of origin. Web searchable/random accessible. Relaxed storage requirements. Green technology - store it and forget it. Important Notice: Not all Blu-Ray burner/recorder support M-disc. Please check compatibility with your device manufacturer before purchase. We are not responsibility for any incompatibility issues.

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