5 Way ABCDE Parallel Switch Box – Share Printers, Scanners, Zip, and Other Devices

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as of 05/19/2022 (Details)

PRINTER PARALLEL Data Transfer Switch BRAND NEW, UN-OPENED PC CONCEPTS 5- way DATA SWITCH Features: High quality rotary data switch Connects two computers to one Printer Bi-Directional IBM And Pc Clone Compatible The Data Switch vertical design allows for better utilization of desktop space. It allows the printing from two computers to one printer allowing you to better allocate your time and make your tasks easier. It is a data switch which allows two computers to share one printer. OR ONE COMPUTER TO SHARE 5 Printers, scanners, Zip, etc. The PRINTER PARALLEL SWITCH work with ALL DESKTOPS AND LAPTOPS that have a PRINTER PARALLEL port THIS PRINTER PARALLEL Switch box allows you to connect 5 computers to share printers, scanners and any other Parallel devices.

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