600 Pack Ridata 4X BD-R BDR 25GB Single Layer Blue Blu-ray White Inkjet Hub Printable Recordable Blank Media Disc with Spindle Packing

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as of 08/07/2022 (Details)

Ridata Precautions:With high quality "Inkjet Printable" surface, providing the photo image quality output.Ridata BD-R discs use an anti-UV recording layer of highly reliable inorganic material. The discs are durable and stable for long-life data protection.Ridata BD-R discs feature Hard Coast for scratch resistance.Ridata BD-R is compatible with Blu-Ray recordable format Version 1.3 high speed write-once Blu-ray disc.Highly compatible with Blu-Ray drives. Ridata BD-R can record and play up to 130 minutes high definition video content. (Under digital data rate 24Mbps)

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