64MB 64 MEG SMART MEDIA SM MEMORY CARD OLYMPUS C-3040 3100 4000 ZOOM CAMERA – fourniersean exclusive!

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(c) 2013 fourniersean Beware of others selling USED smart media, unless you want to lose all your pics! EXPAND YOUR STORAGE CAPACITY! TURBOCHARGE YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA! Extra flash drive capacity allows you to permanently save photos and transfer them to your computer. Smart media expansion is essential for getting the most out of your system. This Smart Media Upgrade adds an incredible 64MB of permanent smart media storage capacity to your digital camera. Compatible with: Olympus Brio D-100; Brio D-230 Zoom; Brio Zoom D-150 Olympus C-1 Zoom; C-100; C-2 Zoom Olympus C-200 Zoom; C-2100UZ Ultra Zoom; C-300Z; C-300 Zoom; C-3020Z; C-3100Z; C-40 Zoom; C-4040 Zoom; C-5050Z Digital Camera; C-700 Ultra Zoom; C-720UZ Digital Camera; C-730 UZ; C-3040; C-3100; C4000 Zoom. Olympus Camedia C-120; D-380; C-220Z; C-4000Z Olympus D-380 Zoom; D-40 Zoom; D-510 Zoom; D-520 Zoom; D-550 Zoom; E-20 P/N; E-20N Digital Camera Fuji FinePix 1300, 1400 Zoom, 2300, 2400 Zoom, 2600Z, 2800Z, 30i, 40i, 4700 Zoom, 4800 Zoom, 4800 Zoom, 50i, 6800 Zoom, 6900 Zoom, A201, F401Z, F601Z, A101, S2 Pro D-SLR or S602Z. This memory can of course be overwritten when you want to download new material. Here are some general instructions we have on using Flash Media cards: First, it is always best to insert and remove Flash Media with the power off! In Windows, always use "Safely Remove Hardware." Second, if the flash is not recognized by your system, try initializing and/or formatting the card using the instructions in your manual. Third, if the flash is still not recognized by your system, make sure that you have the latest operating system (OS) installed for your application. Usually, this can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. Last, always make sure that you back up important data as you would with any other storage media. Thanks for your purchase! Our flash drives and Smart Media are brand new and made by major manufacturers.

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