7-FT Universal (HP, Compaq, Lexmark) RJ-11 Telephone/Modem/FAX Cable (Almond)

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as of 05/24/2022 (Details)

These exceptional modular phone connecting cables were acquired from a closing trade show in NYC where they were recovered as part of several high-end PCs which were still being offered with built in phone/fax modems. The cable alone, are being offered here as one piece deals, first come, first served: Once gone they are gone, so order now! Brand-new 7-foot cable, with RJ-11 Modular plugs factory installed on each end. Premium 4-wire flat modular phone cable allows extraordinary flexibility. If you are on the road and do not want to deal with the hassle of untangling lengthy telephone or modem cables, this is just what you need! Durable, high quality cable easily extends a reach of only an appropriate 84 inches in length. The tangle-resistant size makes it the perfect, space-saving travel companion. If you still own a built-in modem or even a simple external, it will be a life saver when the wireless or the cable temporarily fails! Weighs only about an ounce. For use with phone devices connected to standard wall or baseboard jacks. This 7-foot quality phone cord works nicely with all landline applications including hooking up a phone, fax or Internet line within 7 feet of wherever you need it. Use it with phones, modems, computers, fax machines, caller IDs, and other telecom devices. Premium quality at only a small fraction of the actual selling price. Use it risk-free for 10 days: 100% Hassle-free money-back guarantee.

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