BASEQI aluminum microSD Adapter for MacBook Air 13″ and MacBook Pro 13″/15″ (Non-Retina)

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as of 06/30/2022 (Details)

* Perfectly match to MacBook Air 13" ! * Keep aesthetic of MacBook Air 13" and increase the storage! Plug-in-and-Forget BASEQI is a short / low profile Micro SD adapter designed exclusively for MacBook Air 13". Just insert Micro SD card and slide in to MacBook Air 13" SDXC card slot to increase the storage of MacBook Air 13". * Unlike traditional long Micro SD adapter, BASEQI Aluminium Micro SD Adapter is plugged seamlessly into MacBook Air 13" SDXC slot without sticking out. It is almost hidden and invisible from outside. No worry to break Micro SD adapter or SDXC card when you bring MacBook Air 13" around. * No tool needed! The innovative design (patent pending) makes it hassle free to slide out BASEQI Aluminium Micro SD Adapter with your finger nail. No tool is needed! It is handy to swap Micro SD when you are outside. You won't struggle to use a paper clip to take it out or worry where to keep the small tool. * Please note the product does not include Micro SD card and MacBook. The photos are for illustration only.

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