Camera Cover Slide, Webcam Cover Slider, Smartphone Webcam Sticker, Laptop Camera Cover (6 Pack (3 Black+3 White))

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as of 12/03/2023 (Details)

●Why do we need Webcam covers? Hackers use remote access torjan(rat)to gain access to unsuspecting users' Computers and record their activity, including Webcam sessions and the use of Senhomtog Webcam cover is a good way to protect your privacy. ●Are you one of those who use a sticker, tape or a plastic clip? There are several drawbacks when using sticker or tape: they do not last for a long time. They ruin the look and feel of your device. They always have to be removed and replaced. *They leave residue on your device you have to clean. *If you use a plastic clip, it will affect closing of laptops. When using them you leave finger marks on your device. ●Why would everyone choose Senhomtog Webcam cover? 1.It does not prevent laptops from closing perfectly. 2.The sliding disk allows easy access to the Webcam. 3.Designed only 0.027in thin.It is even thinner than a credit card. 4.You can easily clean the area around by removing the magnet disk. 5.The sliding disk does not touch your device so it will not scratch your device. ●Senhomtog Webcam cover details: thin and professional *new strong 3M adhesive hole measures 4.6mm wide Material: ABS plastic> size: 0.73in x 0.35in x 0.027in> Weight: 0.04 oz ●how to use? (1) slide cover to expose hole. (2) Remove adhesive from back of unit. (3) align hole on the cover over camera lens and press firmly. (4) slide to close camera. ●Package: 3*black Webcam cover 3*white Webcam cover> ●100% satisfaction Guaranty 12 month products guarantee, and if you are not satisfied with the Webcam cover please contact us for a refund.

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