CaseBuy Semi-Black High Quality Ultra Thin Soft Silicone Gel Keyboard Protector Cover Skin for HP Pavilion ENVY 15 series / ENVY m6-k*** 17-j*** 17t-j*** 17-e*** m7-j*** series Us Layout (Please DOUBLE CHECK Your Model) – Retail Packaging

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as of 05/24/2022 (Details)

Compatible with: -- HP 15-e*** (such as 15-e014nr, 15-e015nr,15-e037cl, etc). It can't fit 15-ae*** series. -- HP 15t-e*** -- HP 15z-e*** -- HP 15z-j*** -- HP 15-b*** (such as 15-b085nr, 15-b150us,etc).It can't fit 15-ab*** series. -- HP 15-d*** -- HP 15-f*** (such as 15-f010dx, etc). It can't fit 15-af*** series. -- HP 15-g*** (such as 15-g014dx, etc) -- HP 15-j*** (such as 15-j050us, 15-j032tx, 15-j030us,etc) -- HP 15-k*** (such as 15-k058ca, etc).It can't fit 15-ak*** series. -- HP 15-p*** (such as 15-p100dx, etc) -- HP 15-r*** (such as 15-r011dx, 15-r029wm, etc) -- HP 15-u*** (such as 15-u010dx, 15-u011dx, etc) -- HP 15-n*** such as 15-n013dx, etc.It can't fit 15-an*** series. -- HP 15t-n2**, 15z-n2**, 15-n2** (such as 15-n230us, 15-n220us, etc) -- HP ENVY m6-k*** (such as m6-k015dx, m6-k010dx, ect). It can't fit m6-w*** m6-p*** m6-ae*** series. -- HP ENVY m6-n*** (such as m6-n010dx, etc) -- HP ENVY m7-j*** (such as m7-j010dx, m7-j020dx, etc).It can't fit m7-n*** series. -- HP ENVY 17-j*** (such 17-j020us, 17-j037cl, etc). It can't fit 17-g*** series. -- HP ENVY 17t-j*** series. It can't fit 17t-n*** series. -- HP ENVY 17-e*** Caution: This keyboard cover ONLY fits US version, not EU version. DO check your "Enter" key to make sure it is the same rectangle as other keys. If your "Enter" key looks like "7" shape (EU version), this cover can NOT fit. NOTES: Please compare your laptop to IDENTIFY image on this listing for correct model avoid buying wrongly. If your laptop model is HP 15-ab*** 15-ac*** 15-ae*** 15-af*** 15-an*** 15-ak*** or HP x360 15.6" m6-w*** m6-p*** m6-ae*** or 17.3" HP Pavilion 17-g*** m7-n*** 17t-n*** series, please search ASIN: B0158UWKYA.

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