Co2 Compressed Air Blow Off Duster Refillable Tank Adapter Computer Hobby

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as of 12/02/2023 (Details)

A must for anyone's shop! This handy unit screws onto any paintball CO2 or HPA tank (not included) and replaces a duster aerosol can at a fraction of the cost. Thousands of uses including blowing out computers and electronics. Blast away any dust, dirt, and unwanted micro articles from computers, keyboards, printers, and other electronic equipments. Screws onto your tank and depresses the pin valve by screwing down the large knurled knob. Lightweight black anodized aluminum unit with female side hole threaded 1/8" NPT (accepts standard CO2 hose fittings). Useful for blowing out dust from computers, electronics, etc. Heavy-duty all metal construction. Economical to use. Tank can be refilled at any Paintball store, field and many compressed gas outlets. Allows you to infuse cans of paint, varnish, etc. with CO2 which is heavier than air. This will prevent your latex paint from drying out and greatly increases the storage life of your paint. Weight: 2.3oz Height: 2.25" 12" Long Removable Flexible Black Macro Hose.

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