Cordless Electric Air Duster , Replacement for Compressed Spray Air Can, Rechargeable Computer Air Blower, for Keyboard and Electronics Cleaning

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as of 08/15/2022 (Details)

The cordless electric air duster is a efficient and handy common tool to replace traditional gas can. It helps remove the smallest dust particles in high-precision instruments and has extensive availability in every concealed and narrow place. The products can clean window and furniture, car corners, air conditioners, sofas, pet hair, printed circuit boards, medical devices, relays, contacts and connectors, computers, laptops and keyboards, switches and solenoids, electrical equipment, laboratory instruments, communication equipment to electronic instruments and so on. This is an ultimate smart tool that cleans the tiniest part of your room every day or other device that traditional cleaner can't achieve. Convenient and multi-charging facilityThis mini battery-driven duster can be charged with multiple USB port devices, such as the laptop terminal, the wall plug with an adapter, power bank terminal, etc. It ensures the charging to be easy, convenient, and energy saving.There are three things we hate about disposable air canisters:They get freezing and wet after a lot of use, throwing them away starts to be wasteful, and they can spray out spurts of liquid that leaves residue on your gear.Strongest unit ever! This is a portable, powerful, and result-oriented duster. Just like your mobile phone, a full charge is all that can free the air duster from a cable connection making it convenient to move anywhere, even in your bag. It also ensures little power consumption with 10W current, which makes the duster more user-friendly.Features:Can be used continually for over 30 minutes and will never freeze-up or cause frostbite.Zero pollution!No chemicals!No greenhouse gases!Don't worry about inhalant abuse.No freezing or frostbite.It can be used at any Angle.No chemical residual harm to sensitive electronic products.

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