DTECH Port-Powered RS232 to RS485 Converter Adapter for Industrial Long Haul Serial Communication Supports 600W Anti-surge and 15KV Static Protection

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When should I use a RS232 to RS485 converter? RS232 to RS485 converters are mostly used in industrial and commercial environments. The reason is that the RS485 converter can be used for multi-drop networks, meaning that you for example can connect multiple RS485 devices to one computer. Up to 32 devices can be connected in one network to communicate on a single pair of wires (plus a ground wire). This type of communication is called half-duplex communication. Most quality RS485 converters can communicate in this manner of up to 4000 feet (1200 meters). The RS485 converter is also fairly resistant to noise which is one more reason why it is favored in industrial environments. Guard Your Value Equipment A built-in transient voltage suppressor (TVS) supports 600W anti-surge and 15KV static protection, effectively guard your value devices from the hazards of transient surges, lightning. No Driver Required Auto control data flow direction of I/O circuit feature makes it fully plug-and-play. Port-Power No external power supply required, it is port-powered from RS232 data lines and low consumption electricity. Mini-Size with 2 screws and terminal block Specific Standard: EIA/TIA RS232C / RS485 Baud Rate: 300bps - 115.2kbps Working Mode: 2 wire asynchronous half-duplex Communication Mode: Point to Point, Point to Multipoint Transmission Media: Twisted Pair (Wire diameter >= 0.5mm) or Shielded wire Transmission Distance: RS232 Interface: up to 50ft (15m); RS485 Interface: up to 4000ft (1.2km) Static Protection: RS232 Interface, 15KV Surge Protection: RS485 Interface, Each wire 600W Original Packing Included 1 X DTECH RS232 to RS485 Converter 1 x Terminal Board 1 x User Manual

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