Extra Large Touchpad

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as of 10/05/2023 (Details)

Sometimes bigger is better. Extra large touchpads have the same functions as the standard sized Ergonomic Touchpads but they are almost 3 times the size. Thin, Water Resistant, Durable and fast, Works on all computers, PC, Mac, Laptops, Desktops, Tablet PC, and more... Works right along side your current mouse or touchpad. Put it anywhere so you don't always have to reach for your mouse, on tables, desks, in cars and workshops. It does everything your mouse does and more. It's low profile ergonomic design means less hand movement and more comfort. It comes with a special Velcro backed housing that make it "ten touchpads in one!" so you can use on tabletops or peel of the foam pad and use the sticky Velcro to stick it anywhere. Patent Pending

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