FUERAN DP – DisplayPort display emulator EDID emulator Plug ( fit Headless 2560×1600@60Hz)

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as of 01/29/2023 (Details)

Headless DP is a DisplayPort plug that emulates a high resolution display. Once plugged, the headless PC detects a connected display thus enabling the GPU. Remote desktop access to the headless PC is then available at high resolution - up to 2560×2160@60Hz. Extend headless resolution beyond defaults Drivers load and you are done ,Headless DP is a must-have for server and colocation farms, SOHO and home servers and remotely-deployed headless PCs. Adapter for full-size DisplayPort is included.Give full resolution. More than default driver. Has HOTPLUG feature for Immediate detection. Packge:1 DisPort Emulator

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