Fujitsu Digitizer Pen (1 replacement Stylus) T5000

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as of 06/25/2022 (Details)

Keep extra stylus pens around in case you lose or damage one. This pen is compatible with your LifeBook Tablet PC with active digitizer. Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Package includes 5 extra nibs and a nib puller. Please note: For Surface Pro models no driver is necessary, however, for Microsoft Surface 2 RT, a driver is required. Please go to Wacom web site and clip on Support. From support page click on drivers link. Choose Legacy Drivers. From Legacy drivers, choose "Tablet PC" from drop down list and Windows 8 from Operating System drop down box. Also from this page you can download WacomHardwareCheck.exe which can be used to verify compatibility with your tablet PC. Wacom is the owner of technology in this stylus Pen. Features - Pressure-sensitive tip ideal for drawing and taking notes - Pen button: Allows you quick access to right-click menus. Press and hold the button, touch the screen with the pen tip, then release the pen button. You can also press and hold the pen tip on the screen to bring up the right-click menu. - Round edge Eraser: Functions just like a pencil eraser, removing your pen strokes from the touch screen. - Comfortable to hold

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