Grifiti Fat Wrist Pad 12 is a 4 x 12 Inch Wrist Rest for Small Mechanical Keyboards, MacBooks, Laptops, and Notebooks in Black Neoprene and Black Nylon

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as of 07/03/2022 (Details)

A little extra forearm support. Smaller mechanical keyboards need a wrist rest. Every notebook computer comes with a built in wrist rest. We still like the idea of a supplemental wrist pad in front of mechanical keyboards from HHK, Ducky, and others and in fronto of laptops for a couple of reasons. First, the Fat Wrist Pad 12 provides added ergonomic forearm support while typing. Second, we like the added wrist support when you move your hands down to use the touch pad on your laptop (that is, if you index finger your touch pad like we do). The Fat Wrist Pad 12 is made from the same washable neoprene we use for all our wrist pads. At ¾ inches (that's close to 1.9 cm), it's got the height to create an ergonomic, neutral wrist position when typing. While not as fat as our Fat Wrist Pad 17, the Fat Wrist Pad 12 is a chunky 4.0 inches (that's nearly 11 cm) for a nice, wide forearm and wrist resting surface area. The Fat Wrist Pad 12 is lightweight and easily stores in your bag when you're on the go. You just might find it addicting. Check out our Deck 13, Deck 15, and Deck 17 keyboard platforms and lap decks. This Fat Wrist Pad 12 works great with them! Check out our Fat Wrist Pad 17 for standard keyboards, Big-Ass Wrist Pad 17 for our deluxe 8 inch wide wrist pad for standard keyboards, and our slim wrist pad 12, 17 for Apple keyboards.

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