HDMI To VGA – HDMI to VGA Adapter, HDMI to VGA Cable, VGA Adapter, HDMI to VGA Converter with Audio Port, Gold-Plated 1080P HDMI Male to VGA Female Adapter Converter Cable for PC, HDTV, Laptop, etc.

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THE BEST HDMI TO VGA ADAPTER is NOW AVAILABLE!WHY DO I NEED A HDMI TO VGA ADAPTER?- If you have a projecter or old monitor with VGA jack, and you need to streamcontent from your Apple TV, HDTV, Laptop, PC or other HDMI-capable devices,then this HDMI cable to VGA adapter is a must buy for you.-Normally, VGA connectionsonly carry visual information. In this package, youwill receive an extra audiocable to bring sound to your VGA device, ensuresyour content arrives complete with sound.WHAT CAN THIS HDMI TO VGA ADAPTER BRING TO YOU?- Do you have a video game console like Nintendo Switch or Xbox? Use this HDMI toVGA converter with audio, simply plug to connect up to your projector, oldmonitor or home audio system with VGA. Then you will get an excellent projection display and fully Dolby surround sound for playing your video game console!- Do you need to show your ideas with an excellent presentation? Connect this HDMIto VGA adapter from your laptop tothe projector with VGA. Get a chance to show your ideas and share your knowledge better!THE BEST HDMI TO VGA ADAPTER WHILE COST LESS!-Most people don't think too much about adapters, converters, and all their kin.They tend to be inexpensive, but that need not be cheap. This fitTek HDMI to VGA converter is exactly what you are looking for! With less that $7, the priceis very reasonable and we ensure the best quality in the meantime.- fitTek values every our customer. We promiseno risk purchase in fitTek. We provide FULL REFUND or FREE REPLACEMENT for any defective item. Please feel free to contact us via your Amazon order page andclick "Contact Seller". Within 24 hours quick-reply and lifetimefriendly customer service are standing by to assist you.

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