Huion Digital Pen P68 for Huion Graphic Drawing Tablet

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as of 05/23/2022 (Details)

How to use Digital pen: Unscrew the pen Put an AAA battery in (battery is not in the package), + pole towards to the pen tip end Press down Power on/off button, then pen works Second pressing to power off for saveing power if you do not use it any more. Notice: 1. Please make sure that your graphics tablet works. 2. Please make sure that you put battery to the right position. Compatible with all Huion Pen Graphics Tablet: H420, 420, 540, 580, K58, W58, H58L, H580, 680S, P608N, 680TF, H690, DWH69, DWH69E, H610, H610PRO, 1060PRO+, 1060PLUS, Also compatible with other graphics tablet as follow: UC-Logic / Lapazz WP8060 UC-Logic / Lapazz PF1209 UC-Logic / Lapazz Artistic Tablet 5540 Trust 16486 Trust 16447 Trust 15356 Trust 15357 (TB-6300) Sketch Design Tablet MonoPrice 8x6 MonoPrice 4x3 Monoprice / Pickle 10x6.25 Medion / Tevion MD 41217 Manhattan 8"x6" Manhattan 3"x4" Iball Pen Tablet 8060U Iball Pen Tablet 5540U Iball Pen Tablet 4030U Iball Design Tablet PF1209 Genius PenSketch 9x12 Genius MousePen i608 Genius MousePen 8x6 Genius MousePen / WizardPen 5x4

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