Iomega 31311 HipZip Digital Audio Player (with Two 40 MB PocketZip Disks)

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as of 07/03/2022 (Details)

The palm-size Iomega HipZip digital audio player combines high-capacity removable storage technology with low-cost PocketZip media to provide hours of listening pleasure. Each round 2-inch PocketZip disk (formerly named Clik! disks) can hold 40 MB of digital audio, allowing you to affordably collect, organize, and transport your digital music. The Iomega HipZip digital audio player supports MP3 and the new Microsoft Windows Media Audio (WMA) format. You can download music to the HipZip from either your PC or Macintosh via a fast USB connection (PCs require Windows 95 OSR 2.1, 98, or 2000; Macs require Mac OS 8.6 or higher). A drag-and-drop feature makes file transfer a breeze and you can use the HipZip as an external drive--it will download or transport any digital information. It features the Dadio operating system from Interactive Objects Inc. (iObjects), which enables features such as downloading music or managing play lists while listening to music. Controls include forward and reverse to find the track you want, as well as a high-quality equalizer control system that enhances audio quality. The easy-to-read backlit display shows the title, artist, and album information along with available disk space. The box includes a carrying case, USB cable, headphones, 2 PocketZip 40 MB disks, a CD-ROM with MusicMatch Jukebox CD and Windows Media Player 7, a user's manual, and an installation guide.

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