Logitech Marble Mouse Trackball

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as of 08/15/2022 (Details)

If your desktop real estate is a valuable commodity these days, then think about investing in the Logitech Marble Mouse. This stationary mouse still looks and feels like a traditional mouse, but you operate it by moving a giant red marble with your fingers while optical sensors inside the mouse interpret the motion. This mouse fits easily into any hand, regardless of size or hand preference. Once you get the hang of the trackball, it's easy to use. The rubberized bottom and weight keep the Marble Mouse from moving around unnecessarily and tiring your hand. The left- and right-click buttons are also large enough for any hand size to reach, making double-clicking easy. Another feature we liked was the auto-scroll mode, which allows you to scroll through documents both vertically and horizontally when you click both the left and right buttons at the same time. We found this feature to be great for Web surfing or for reading long documents. The Marble Mouse is a great choice for anyone wanting a break from traditional mouse devices. It's easy to install, use, and maintain and looks cool as well! Pros: No driver installation Solid construction Dirt resistant Great for righties and lefties Cons: May be awkward to learn

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