LoveRPi MicroUSB Push On Off Power Switch Cable for Raspberry Pi (Female to Male)

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as of 12/03/2023 (Details)

This device is perfect for turning on and off power to your Raspberry Pi 3 or other single board computer powered by MicroUSB. You can use your existing power adapters and cables provided that they can drive adequate current. Note, there will be a voltage drop across the switch. We highly recommend this product to be used with our power supply for most use cases. You can find our power supply by searching for B01F1LVZ0G. Please note: If your Raspberry Pi remains on or does not turn on after shutdown, a connected device is backpowering your Raspberry Pi. Discontinue use of your Raspberry Pi with the device in question as the voltage gradient between your power supply and the backpowering source may damage your board. Beware, most power supplies sold on Amazon rate themselves as 5.0V 2.0A or 2.5A but can deliver less than 4.8V at 2.0A. Cheap power supplies are almost guaranteed to not be able drive the Raspberry Pi 3. If you experience random reboots or errors while using this device, please purchase one of our certified power supplies. This device does not pass through the two data signal lines. It is created for high current SBC applications and does not pass through charging protocols such as Qualcomm's QuickCharge and others that use the data lines for power signaling. This device is backed by a two year warranty. It does not cover accidental damage or damage as a result of user error including but not limited to short circuit, excessive current, physical damage, and liquid damage.

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