Mechanical Numeric Keypad GATERON Blue Switch Wired Ice Blue Backlight Gaming Keypad/Keyboard 21 keys Portable Numpad Extended layout Black Magicforce by Qisan

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Product features It has a comfortable ergonomic and Floating -key without a shell wraps design. Compare with the other standard keypad, the 21 keys extended some keys at the top, contain Esc,Tab,Back Space,and FN keys. 4 keys are increased to numeric section and thus more functions can be realized through the keys combination with FN. The num lock function is independent of any other keyboard that are currently connected.The mechanical switch keypad can ensure a fast response. Mechanical numberic keypad has 4 backlight model and 6 backlight brightness can be adjusted. By simultaneously pressing the FN key and another key, you can change the backlight and brightness. LED Backit model ajust: FN+5(steady lighting, reactive, breathing,turn the light off) Brightness adjust: FN++: lighting strength up;FN+Enter:lighting strength down Hot keys available:Pressing FN+ESC to turn on computing device, FN+ TAB to turn on left bracket, FN+ Backspace to turn on right bracket, FN+ NUM to turn on equal symbol, FN+ / to turn on $, FN+ * to turn on € and FN+ - to turn on ¥. Product details Switch: Blue Color: Black Keys:21 keys Cable Length: 150cm Product Size: 12.5*8.5*3.8cmcm Product Weight: 208g Package Size: 15*10.5*6.0cm Package Weight: 275g Applications: 1. Good for laptop users. 2. Suitable for banking, financial securities, business workers. 3. Used in counter register. 4. Used with 87 keyboards, 82 keyboards, 68 keyboards, 61 keyboards and other keyboards without numeric section.

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