Microflex MicroLink USB HART Modem Cable with Professional DTM-6 Software

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as of 05/31/2023 (Details)

This is a bundle package of our 101-0027 USB MicroLink HART Protocol Modem and the Professional Licensed version of our Generic DTM-6 software package, both available individually. The USB MicroLink HART Protocol Modem facilitates communication between HART devices and any Windows-based computer equipped with a USB port. If you need an RS-232 interface, take a look at our product number 101-0005, RS-232 MicroLink HART Protocol Modem. The MicroLink series of HART modems were designed to comply with the HART physical layer, delivering modems compatible with all certified HART devices and all leading HART configuration software that uses an RS-232 serial port for the interface, because it appears as an RS-232 device in your software. Included with each MicroLink modem is the newest version of PACTware, our Microflex Generic HART DTM-6, and a HART Protocol DTM - everything you need to connect and communicate with your device, with no configuration or setup required. Designed for rough field use, the modem is housed in a rubber and stainless steel enclosure. The modem requires no external power source, and is engineered for low power consumption to extended portable computer battery life. It comes with built in leads with transformer isolation, simplifying loop connections and eliminating grounding effects. The Professional Licensed version of our Generic DTM-6 software package includes all of the software and capabilities normally provided with our MicroLink HART Modems, but it unlocks even more commands and functionality. The DTM-6 professional license will allow you to perform calibrations, configuration, and tuning on your HART devices using a single efficient software tool without paying a subscription fee. Add device specific DTM modules to PACTware (usually available from your device manufacturer) to add full HART protocol support. If a specific DTM does not yet exist for your HART device the Generic DTM-6 can provide a simple low cost solution.

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