Monoprice 3-Feet AT Modem DB9F/DB25M Molded Cable (100461)

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as of 09/26/2022 (Details)

While legacy PCs (post IBM PC/AT) typically use 9-pin RS-232 plugs external modems are usually equipped with 25-pin RS-232 sockets. You can depend on Monoprice to have the cables you will need for this type of connection! This cable features a female DE-9 (DB-9) socket on one end and a male DB-25 plug on the other. The 9 pins of the DE-9 connector are wired to 9 of the pins on the DB-25 connector as shown in the following table:DE-9 (DB-9)DB-25Function18Data Carrier Detect (DCD)23Receive Data (RD or Rx)Transmit Data (TD or Tx)420Data Terminal Ready (DTR)57Signal Ground (SGND or Gnd)6Data Set Read (DSR)Request To Send (RTS)Clear To Send (CTS)922Ring Indicator (RI)The connector heads are molded onto the cable and each includes a pair of thumbscrews to secure the connector to the PC or modem

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