Monster Core Power (EXP 650 USB)

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as of 12/02/2023 (Details)

Monster Power Protects your home and family Power surges can be serious. Not only could you lose your home entertainment system and home office electronics -- you could lose your home. Standard surge protectors account for 37 percent of all home electrical fires. Protect your electronics from storms and surges with Monster Power. Only Monster has FireProof MOV Technology that protects more than just your electronics, but also your home and family. Monster Quality Step up to better-quality power for home or office that not only includes Monster’s Connected Equipment Warranty, but enhanced features like HD Clean Power Stage 1 and Dual Mode Plus--which automatically disconnects your equipment from dangerous power and sets off an alarm. Monster exclusive Fireproof MOVs protect you from dangerous fires caused by typical surge protectors. This is affordable, safe protection. What makes it fireproof? We encase our MOV’s in a specially engineered ceramic material that does not melt when there is a power surge. That’s what makes it your best defense against fire. And that’s why you need Monster Power Protection equipped with Monster Fireproof MOV Technology. Charge and protect everything Featuring USB charging, this surge protector safeguards not only your AV equipment, but powers and protects mobile devices, like a smartphone or tablet. Better sound and better picture The power in your home is subject to interference or noise that can be seen and heard on your system. Our surge protectors include Monster Clean Power technology to help ensure that your components perform at peak levels. Monster Backed Warranty Each of our surge protectors is backed by a connected equipment warranty. If any equipment properly connected to one of these devices is damaged by power surge we will replace the damaged equipment. The Monster surge protector must be in use as instructed. Features Six surge protected outlets Monster Fire Proof Technology $100,000 Connected Equipment Warranty Two USB ports charge and protect mobile devices EMI / RFI Filtration for better picture and better sound 1080 Joules of Protection Wall Mount Design Durable Case for Rugged Use Safety Agency Approved Protection ''on'' indicator

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