Moultrie MCA-13376 Smartphone SD Card Reader Gen 2 | Supports SD & Micro SD Cards | iPhone or OTG-Compatible Android, One Size

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as of 03/31/2023 (Details)

The Moultrie smart phone SD card reader turns your iPhone or otg capable Android into a card viewer by simply loading the respective free app to your device and connecting the card reader.  unlike traditional card viewers you can now text pictures to your friends or even post pictures on social media from your phone while out in the woods. This accessory cuts down on the size and in some cases amount of items you will need to carry into the woods by consolidating the once used viewers of the past with a device most carry with them anyway. The apps are quick and easy to use, allowing the user to swipe through photos much quicker than bulky viewers of the past.  the new design is compatible with any Smartphone case, making it the most versatile Smartphone SD card reader available.

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