NEW 2gb Xd Picture Memory Card Type M+ for Olympus & Fuji Cameras

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as of 06/25/2022 (Details)

Brand new Olympus M+ xd memory card in plastic mini case. Item Description: Support your digital camera's storage perfectly with this digital memory card xD M+ memory cards are designed for Olympus digital cameras Olympus xD M plus Picture Card is compact for smaller and more stylish digital devices Memory card works quickly and easily for transferring images and data to a computer Card features 2GB of storage space Durable and reliable Compatible to all Olympus and Fuji xD m+ compatible devices Compatible with most manufacturers' xD M+ compatible devices Type M+ xD-Picture card is compatible with all xD-compatible cameras and is 1.5 times faster than the previous Type M card Increase in speed may be useful in sequential shooting of digital stills and in the recording of high-density video with Olympus cameras Please Note: 1 This xD Picture Card may not be suitable for earlier models of Olympus (Fuji) Digital Cameras. Any query, please check below Compatibility list. 2 DO NOT try to use DOS, Windows, or MAC operating systems to delete or move pictures, or to re-format your cards. Use your camera for these. It is fine to use generic readers for copying.but not "CUT". Not all devices support the Type M+ xd memory card. If you're not sure, please check for compatibililty through the following or you can email us : for Olympus camera : for Fujifilm camera : Package includes: 2GB xD-Picture Card X 1 PC

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