NEW RMGI PYRAL BASF RTM SM468 1/4″ 3280′ 1000m 10.5″ Pancake AEG ECO Pack R35141

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as of 10/05/2023 (Details)

PYRAL RMGI SM468 is the legendary, further improved AGFA PEM468 formula which later was purchased by BASF and given the formula name SM468. This tape (as well as all PYRAL RMGI tapes) is manufactured in France on BASF machines using BASF technologies. This tape is improved classic formula of AGFA PEM468 - it has increased headroom, about 2- 3 db higher input/output characteristics, lower noise and a smoother surface than same model older tapes of 70-80-ies. Smoother surface saves magnetic heads. This tape has the longest archiving capability. Even after 50 years of archiving this formula displays no sound degradation. Because of the most "transparent" sound this tape formula is preferred by sound engineer for voice, classical, blues and jazz recordings.

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