NEW RTM PYRAL BASF SM900 1/4″ 3608′ 1100m 11.5″ Pancake NAB ECO Pack R34639

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as of 07/01/2022 (Details)

RMGI SM900 is the famously improved BASF SM900 tape which offers more headroom, plus a 3 db higher input/output and a smoother surface than same model older tapesof 80-ies. This is the tape has highest output level of all tapes - it has stunning MOL (Maximum Output Level) of 14dB at 15ips (38cm/s) tape speed and 11,5 dB at 7.5ips (19cm/s)!. It has a coated back and the no-dropout-technology makes this the ultimate Studio Mastering tape. There is no reason for buying 30 year old NOS tapes - RMGI SM 900 tapes are more cost efficient and rank higher in overall quality.

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