NEW RTM PYRAL BASF SM911 1/4″ 3608′ 1100m 11.4″ Pancake AEG ECO Pack R34146

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as of 12/02/2023 (Details)

This is AEG HUB 10,9" (276mm) pancake and contains more tape than standard 10,5 inch reel. This pancake contains 1000m or 3280ft of professional studio tape SM911. RMGI SM 911 is the famously improved BASF tape which offers more headroom, plus a 3 db higher input/output and a smoother surface than older tapes. It has a coated back and the no-dropout-technology makes this the ultimate and most sold studio Master tape. There is no reason for buying 30 year old NOS tapes - RMGI SM 911 tapes are more cost efficient and rank higher in overall quality.

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