NSI LK-13526 7-pin internal SATA Male to SATA Female Extension cable – 7 pin SATA M/F – 20 inch (50 cm)

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as of 07/03/2022 (Details)

Serial ATA cables are designed to handle the differential signals implemented in todays technology. This ensure increased throughput and reduced data packet loss. We offer a variety of Serial ATA cables which minimize clutter, increase airflow and provide maximum transfer rates.This NSI 7 pin Serial ATA Internal Male to 7 pin Serial ATA Female extension cable is SATA I & II specification compliant, permit higher data transmission rates, reduces crosstalk, and improved signal integrity. And this cable reduce overheating and saves internal space within the CPU unit for easy movement when adding or removing hard drives, PCI cards or other adapters.Cable is approx. 20 inches in length.

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