Pimoroni Enviro pHAT

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Enviro pHAT packs 4 different sensors, letting you measure temperature, pressure, light level, colour, 3-axis motion, compass heading, and analog inputs. That's up to 10 different variables! It's ideal for monitoring conditions in your house, garage or galleon. Set up a web server with Flask and remotely monitor everything from anywhere. As with our other pHATs, it works with all of the 40-pin Raspberry Pi variants - 3/2/B+/A+/Zero - but using it with the Pi Zero makes for a super-tiny package. Features: BMP280 temperature/pressure sensor TCS3472 light and RGB colour sensor Two LEDs for illumination LSM303D accelerometer/magnetometer sensor ADS1015 4-channel analog to digital sensor (ADC) Kit includes: Assembled Enviro pHAT PCB 2x20 0.1" female GPIO header Male header for ADC pins Combining Enviro pHAT with our other HATs and pHATs gives almost endless possibilities: display sensor values on Unicorn pHAT, use Display-O-Tron HAT to display sensor data, display a graph of values with Scroll pHAT, and much, much more. We've put together a comprehensive Python library to make using Enviro pHAT really simple. Note: Our pHAT boards require you to solder on the headers!

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