PixelFlash 128 GB 1106x Compact Flash Memory Card VPG-65

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as of 06/25/2022 (Details)

There's no way that just happened... It's been a long day of shooting, it's time to transfer that data for editing, and your computer says your files are corrupted. That just can't be, can it? With an inferior memory card, sadly, it can. Expect quality with PixelFlash. We bring you the most reliable, durable, worry-free technology available. Every nand flash chip in our CompactFlash cards are DSI Certified. Patent pending Data Sector Integrity flash verification requires an in-depth, three stage, stress test that is peerless in the Memory Card industry. Common mass production NAND chip manufacturing methods can allow flash to pass through the early stages of wafer quality control. In later, more delicate manufacturing stages, the assembled product becomes susceptible to failure. After years of research and development, working directly with photographers in the field, we resolved this issue. Beginning in 2015, we formally introduced a new standard of certification required to filter out late stage production defects, saving you time, money and creativity. The end result is a genuine reliability advantage.

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