Sanyun SW208 3″ Active Bookshelf Speakers – 2.0 Powered Computer PC Monitor Speakers – 3 Inch Carbon Fiber Speaker Unit – 3.5mm Audio Input – Wood Grain (Pair)

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as of 08/09/2022 (Details)

We want to design an entry-level HiFi bookshelf speaker, let anyone can enjoy the high-quality sound, this is the Sanyun SW208. 1. Superb HiFi Sound. Standard bookshelf speaker system design, plus unique carbon fiber speaker unit and multi-layer voice coil technology, bring you the best sound experience. 2. Treble and Bass Control To achieve true HiFi sound quality, set the total volume, treble and bass adjustment knobs on the side of main speaker. Please adjust t according to your preference or different sound types. 3. Compact Body and Wood Structure Compact body, H7.48 x W4.68 x D5.35inch, with powerful audio. Well-designed premium finish wood structure and surface, elegant appearance and fashionable. 4. Simple to Install Three interfaces all adopt different standards and correspond to different connection lines. Very simple, no need to worry about the wrong plug. Note 1: It is suggested that when you use the speakers first, the bass knob should be adjusted to 0, then gradually increase the bass to get your favorite sound. When the bass is too high, it will cover the middle-treble notes and even make you feel distorted. Don't worry, it's because of the difference of the parameters of different devices and sound types. Just adjust the treble and bass knobs to get the best sound. Note2: Both treble and bass adjustments range from 0 to maximum. When both are at 0, the speakers are left with only mid frequency sound. Specifications: Product Net Weight: 2.57kg (5.66lb) Dimension of Single Speaker: H19.0 x W11.8 x D13.6cm Rated output power: 30W SPL: >80Db Input Sensitivity: 800±50mV Frequency: 40 Hz-20 KHz THD+N: ≤10% at maximum volume output Interface: 3.5mm audio interface Sanyun, dedicated to create the best speakers, to provide the best sound enjoyment.

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