Advanced Card Systems Ltd.

ACR39U-NF PocketMate II USB-C Smart Card Reader

The ACS ACR39U-NF PocketMate II is a FIPS 201-compliant USB-C smart card reader. It connects to the newest USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports. It works with the latest Android phones and laptop computers including the Apple MacBook and MacBook …

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ACR38U-N1 PocketMate

The ACR38U-N1 PocketMate is a FIPS 201-compliant USB smart card reader. With a single push, the device swivels to reveal a slot for a full-sized smart card and can be used with any PC to access various smart card applications, including e-Government, e-Banking and e-Payment, e-Healthcare and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) applications. Housing the ACR38 core, ACR38U PocketMate …

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