Blank Zip Discs

Iomega 31311 HipZip Digital Audio Player (with Two 40 MB PocketZip Disks)

The palm-size Iomega HipZip digital audio player combines high-capacity removable storage technology with low-cost PocketZip media to provide hours of listening pleasure. Each round 2-inch PocketZip disk (formerly named Clik! disks) can hold 40 MB of digital audio, allowing you to affordably collect, organize, and transport your digital music. The Iomega HipZip …

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FujiFilm Zip Disk – 100 MB, Pre-Formatted for PCs

A 100 MB PC pre-formatted Zip Drive Disk in jewel case.

ZIP 100MB disks are made possible by Fujifilm’s revolutionary ATOMM (Advanced Super Thin Layer & High Output Metal Media Technology) dual-coating technology.
ATOMM Technology offers superior durability,reliability and performance due to four factors:

1. The surface of the magnetic layer is ultra-smooth for clean,stable running performance.

2. …

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iomega® REV® 35GB/90GB PC Disk DRIVE,DISK,REV 35/90GB (Pack of 2)

Removable, super-durable, and rigid disk offers virtually unlimited re-writability. Provides 35GB (native) and 90GB (compressed) storage capability for ultimate efficiency. Because the sensitive heads and electronics are not in the REV disk cartridge, iomega® REV disks are much more durable, smaller, and more portable than current portable hard drive technology. Removable, super-durable, and rigid disk offers virtually unlimited …

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Maxell ZIP 100 DISK 100MB 1PK ( 580005 ) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Maxell Corporation of America is a full-line manufacturer of digital and analog media products. Maxell’s data storage group provides one of the industry’s broadest lines of premium digital recording media, including DLTtape, Super DLTtape, LTO and DDS data cartridges, and is a full line supplier of recordable DVD media, including DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM, as well as CD-R/RW media. …

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