CableMax Firewire 800 Daisy Link Cable 8 Inches

Short FireWire 800 Cable is a high-speed digital interface cable for transferring digital data between two computers, or a computer to another compatible device like camcorder or VCR. Using this Firewire 800 cable allows the opportunity to daisy chain up to 63 individual pieces of equipment to a single port on your computer. The Firewire cable transfers up …

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CableMax DB-9 Serial Adapter High Speed 230K USB SERIAL Adapter Cable 6ft.

Microsift Signed Drivers! Works with Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-Bit as well as XP Home and XP Pro. This DB-9 High-Speed Serial Adapter provides a single DB-9 serial port for connecting to PDA devices, ISDN-TA., Digital Cameras, Standard Serial Devices, Graphic Tablets and more. Plugs into a USB port on Windows 98/ME/2K/XP! PC and draws its power from …

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