Frisby FS-210NU USB 2.0 Computer PC Laptop Notebook Desktop Portable Speaker

Frisby FS-210NU USB speaker system offers great sound quality with powerful 4 watt RMS. Speaker system does not require a wall power outlet, since it receives power directly from your computer or laptop’s USB port, which means that FS-210nu uses 5 volt and consumes very low electricity. It has excellent sound quality for the price we are offering. …

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Frisby FS-6200BT Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System with Wireless Remote Controller

With this Frisby fs-6200bt speaker set, you get wired and wireless connection. Fs-6200bt provides clear sound from both satellite speakers from up to 30 feet away. You can sync any Bluetooth enabled device, your phone, tablet, media player or even your computer. Frisby fs-6200bt supports Bluetooth 2.1 Technology for streaming audio wirelessly from devices that are Bluetooth-enabled. For …

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