InSync Buddy

Buddy DesktopMic 7G (with FilteredAudio)

OVERVIEW: The Buddy DesktopMic 7G is a highly customizable, multi-function, professional-quality USB microphone. It is ergonomic, sturdy and stylish. The sturdy base is constructed from a solid black anodized Zinc and Aluminum dent-resistant alloy. Buddy DesktopMic 7G includes a noise-canceling microphone element for pure audio. The performance is equal to Headsets. The selectable mute-toggle or Push-to-Talk button means …

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Buddy FlamingoMic 7G

The Buddy FlamingoMic 7GTM has the accuracy of the headset microphone with the convenience of an internal mic. It’s what we’ve been waiting for… we just didn’t know it.” excerpt from review on by Dana A., Pittsford, NY Certified Dragon Speech Recognition Skills Trainer. Buddy FlamingoMic 7G is a portable version of our highly successful Buddy DesktopMic …

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