JANRI Trackpad Touchpad & flex cable for Macbook Retina MBPR 13″ 13.3 inch MacbookPro12,1 early A1502 2015 MF841LL/A MF839LL/A MF843LL/A MF840LL/A 821-00184-A 810-00149-A 810-00149-04 821-00721-A

Technical DetailsBrand Name: JANRI®, brand newFit MachineMacBook Pro Retina 13″ A1502- MacBookPro12,1 Early 2015: MF839LL/A (2.7 GHz Core i5)- MacBookPro12,1 Early 2015: MF841LL/A (2.9 GHz Core i5)- MacBookPro12,1 Early 2015: MF843LL/A (3.1 GHz Core i7)Compatible Model NoMF841LL/A MF839LL/A MF843LL/A MF840LL/A Compatible Part No.; – Apple Part #: 923-00518- Printed Part #: 821-00184-A, 810-00149-A, 821-00721-ANotice:Please check the picture and …

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