Modem Cables

Monoprice 100465 25-Feet AT Modem DB9F/DB25M Molded Cable (100465)

While legacy PCs (post IBM PC/AT) typically use 9-pin RS-232 plugs external modems are usually equipped with 25-pin RS-232 sockets. You can depend on Monoprice to have the cables you will need for this type of connection! This cable features a female DE-9 (DB-9) socket on one end and a male DB-25 plug on the other. The 9 …

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CablesOnline 6ft Null Modem DB25 Female to Female Data Transfer Cable (NM-006)

6ft Null Modem DB25 Female to Female Data Transfer Cable
This cable allows you to connect one PC to another nearby PC or serial device using its modem protocol.

CablesOnline Part Number: NM-006

* (2) DB25 Female Jacks
* Allows two computers to communicate with each other
* Professional quality and construction
* Durable yet flexible PVC jacket with strain relief
* Gold-plated contacts …

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Offex Direct Burial/Outdoor rated Cat5e Ethernet Cable, Solid, CMXT, Waterproof Tape, 24 AWG, Spool, 1000-Foot, Black (OF-10X6-622NH)

1000 foot Direct Burial Cat5e Black Ethernet Cable Spool, Solid Copper, CMXT, Waterproof Tape. Our Bulk 1000 foot solid CMXT Cat5e Ethernet cable comes in an easy to use pull box and is ideal for the person looking to make longer permanent outdoor/direct burial network runs during installation/expansion of network infrastructure. Typically this cable will find use between …

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Mini PCI-E x mSATA Flexible Extender cable With SIM card Slot

Description The mPCIe/msata extender cable is not only suitable for Mini card( WIFI * WWAN*WLAN module), but also suitable for Full-size and half-size MSATA SSD 1. The mPCIe/msata extender cable is a debug and test tool, it’s also a powerful tool for engineers and factory tests.. 2 .The mPCI-Eextender is designed to minimize the signal degradation …

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