TDK 16X DVD+R 50 Pack Spindle, model # DVD+R47FCCB50M

TDK 4.7GM DVD+R media offers the widest compatibility with computer drives and home DVD players. Ideal for general purpose recording, a single TDK DVD+R has ample capacity for thousands of digital photos, up to six hours of videa and large mission-critical data files. Each DVD+R disc can be fully recorded once. As DVD recording speeds …

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TDK SA100-4 100-Minute High Bias IECII/Type II Blank Audio Cassette (4-Pack)

These tapes use an ultrafine, Super Avilyn Type II, high-bias cobalt formulation with high-density packing and uniform orientation. They offer exceptionally high resolution, superior dynamic range, and very low noise, which makes them ideal for taping from a wide variety of music sources, including CDs. TDK SA tape employs the advanced AR-RC III mechanism for superior rigidity and …

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TDK BD-RE 60min.

TDK Blu-ray Discs are breakthrough recording technology. 7.5GB single layer write-once and rewritable versions enable massive data backups and the highest resolution HD recording. TDK’s exclusive DURABIS 2 hard coating formulation protects the media surface against scratches and other contaminants that would destroy lesser discs, while the company’s advanced spin coating manufacturing process and ultra-precise recording materials …

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