Voie Booster

VoiceBooster Headset Microphone for VoiceBooster (Aker) Voice Amplifiers by TK Products, LLC

VoiceBooster by TK Products, LLC
Model: VoiceBooster Headset Microphone (Aker)
Color: Black
Cable Length: 39 inches (3 ft 3 inches)
Weight: 2 ounces
Speaker Sensitivity: 53 dBV/A +- 3 dB

For use with all VoiceBooster and Aker Voice amplifiers including: MR100, MR2601, MR1508, MR1506, MR2506, MR2505, MR1505, MR2200, MR2100, MR1700, MRAK38, MRAK28, MR2800, MR1502, MR1503, MR1504, MR1601, MR1602, MR2700, MR160,

Possible Uses: …

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