Thrustmaster Ferrari GTE F458 Wheel Add-On for PS3/PS4/PC/Xbox One

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as of 10/03/2023 (Details)

The Thrustmaster Ferrari GTE F458 Wheel Add-On is a detachable FERRARI 458 CHALLENGE replica wheel that fits the Thrustmaster T500 RS (PS3 & PC) and TX Wheel (Xbox One). The 458 CHALLENGE replica wheel, officially licensed by Ferrari, installs easily on your T500 RS, Ferrari F1 Wheel Integral T500 wheel base, and TX Wheel. It is 11” (28 cm) in diameter and features a reinforced rubber texture on the wheel’s entire circumference which is held in place by brushed metal central spokes (2 mm thick) with metallic paint. The Thrustmaster Ferrari GTE F458 Wheel Add-On weighs in at more than 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg), for ultra-realistic inertia and Force Feedback. There are 2 large sequential paddle shifters attached to the wheel that move with the wheel. The paddle shifters are 5” (13 cm) tall and are crafted of 2 mm-thick brushed metal with metallic paint. A complete set of racing controls include 6 easy-access, clearly identified action buttons; 3-position Manettino dial with push function in the center; and 1 multidirectional D-pad. The detachable wheel with Thrustmaster Quick Release system lets you quickly switch from one wheel to another: GT wheel (sold separately), Ferrari F1 wheel (sold separately), TX Wheel (sold separately), and the Ferrari 458 Challenge wheel.

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