Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Numeric Keypad for Data Entry – PC – BIG Large TAB – Cherry MX Mechanical Switches – USB – Best 10-key Keyboard, Numpad, Number Pad – Windows Linux

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as of 06/28/2022 (Details)

MECHANICAL NUMERIC KEYPAD DESIGNED FOR FAST AND COMFORTABLE DATA ENTRY and anyone that needs to work with a lot of numbers very comfortably. Uniquely includes the addition of a BIG TAB key that moves the selection Right, along with a BIG Enter key that moves the selection Down, and a WIDE Zero key for easier reach. Allowing for easy navigation, and faster and more comfortable Data Entry. Our 10-key keyboard is uniquely engineered so that numbers and directional keys can be used simultaneously. You no longer need to constantly press the NumLock key, or even look at the NumLock LED, to change between numbers and directional keys. Now you can use Numbers, Directional keys, and Special Functionality simultaneously, faster and easier. No NumLock requirement greatly accelerates workload and accuracy. Number Pad Manufactured with Mechanical Switches. If you've never typed on a mechanical keypad, you don't know what you're missing. Mechanical keys simply have a much better quality feel to them and makes typing more pleasurable while requiring less effort, is more satisfying to use and less wearing on the body. Features back-sloped concave-cylindrical keycaps providing a comfortable and ergonomically correct working experience. A NumPad that incorporates special functionality You need: Home, End, Page up, and Page Down; along with unique shortcuts like Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, and even Edit-Cell functionality. A Shift key is also included to extend the selection, allowing for fast Cut-Copy-Paste and faster and easier access to common symbols. Designed for Billionaires, Accountants, Financial Professionals, Data-Entry Users, and anyone else that needs to work with a lot of numbers, easily move around cells and fields, and edit contents. Our Patented design means a comfortable and ergonomic user experience for everyone that works in Data Entry.

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