Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches, Full Blue LED Backlit, 5 Years Warranty (KB-PIZ-KLBLUS-01)

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as of 01/29/2023 (Details)

Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z Blue Switch Illuminated Keyboard (KB-PIZ-KLBLUS-01) POSEIDON Z Illuminated - Blue Switch Edition The POSEIDON Z Illuminated is a budget friendly full featured keyboard; Perfect for both a first time mechanical keyboard user and a mechanical keyboard enthusiast. The POSEIDON Z Illuminated features Tt eSPORTS Certified Mechanical switches, rated for 50 million keystrokes, & the world’s first 5 Year Warranty on a mechanical gaming keyboard. Fully Back-Lit keyboard with accessible Media Keys With an LED under each cap, the POSEIDON Z Illuminated is a fully back-lit keyboard, offering 4 levels of adjustable brightness via the Fn (function) + F11/F12 keys. With the Fn (function) + F1-F7 keys, you can control your volume and media player anytime, without having to minimize your current game or program. Tt eSPORTS certified mechanical blue switches w/5 year warranty The Tt eSPORTS Certified Mechanical BLUE switches are built for speed and durability, offering a pronounced tactile feel and audible click feedback. These switches were specially chosen by our pro-gamers and engineers, and we believe in them so much that we’re offering the world’s first 5 year warranty on a mechanical gaming keyboard. Faster Response Mechanical switches. The leading mechanical blue/brown switch actuates a bit after the tactile feedback of the key, but the Tt eSPORTS Certified Mechanical switches actuates earlier and closer to the tactile feedback. Offering a more accurate feel and faster response time than the other more commonly found mechanical switches. Specifications Color: BLACK Weight: 995 GRAMS Gold-Plated USB Dimensions: 440 X 133 X 37MM (L x W x H) Interface: USB Key Switches: Mechanical Anti-Ghosting Keys: 6-8 (USB) Polling Rate: 1000 HZ Back-Light: Yes Multimedia Keys: 7 Keystroke Lifecycle: 50 MILLION Cable Length: 1.8M Anti-Ghosting & disable windows key function With 6-8 key Rollover, the POSEIDON Z Illuminated will allow you to hit combinations of keys at once to make sure your gaming session is as fluid as it can be. A switch to disable the windows key, prevents accidental presses of the windows key while in-game. Compare ProductsPoseidon Z Illuminated - Blue Switch EditionPoseidon Z Illuminated - Brown Switch EditionThe POSEIDON ZX Illuminated - Blue Switch EditionThe POSEIDON ZX Illuminated - Brown Switch EditionTt Certified Mechanical Switches✓✓✓✓Full Back-light✓✓✓✓Multimedia Keys✓✓✓✓50 Million Keystroke Lifecycle✓✓✓✓Full Keyboard✓✓Tenkeyless Keyboard✓✓

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