USB Camera Adapter, USB 2.0 OTG Adapter Compatible with Phone/Pad, Supports Connect Camera, Phone/Pad, USB Flash Drive, Keyboard ,Support iOS 9.2 or Later, No App Needed, Plug & Play – White

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How to use OTG adapter transfer photos/videos when connect USB flash driver with i Phone/ i Pad? ★For iOS 9.2 -iOS 12.4: is one-way transmiteUse OTG adapter to connect i phone and USB flash driver, after 3-5 seconds,your i Phone will automatically pop-up the ''Photo'' App. You can transfer photos/videos to iPhone & iPad directly.(NOTE:If the picture/video is not taken by camera,please be must create a folder called "DCIM" to the root of the USB flash drive, then create a folder called "100CANON" into "DCIM". Copy the photos / videos into the "100CANON" folder. Rename each photo and video file as "IMG_XXXX", where XXXX is a unique number.) ★ For iOS 13: is Two-way transmite. 1. Use OTG adapter to connect the USB flash driver with i Phone/i Pad2. You can find and open the 'Files' App on the iPhone / iPad. (Note: if you can't find "Files" App , please download it firstly)3.Open the 'Files' app click "Toshiba" from Step 1,( "Toshiba" is the name of the flash drive, it could be any name.)4.Click on 'Select' to select any item you want5.Click item and select 'Copy' from the pop-up options6.Back to the 'Files' app, and click on 'On My iPhone' (i Phone) or 'On My i Pad' ( i Pad)7.Press any blank screen, click "Paste ". Then the import get finished.(PS: Can transfer picture,video,Txt, Excel,Word,PPT,PDF. etc. ★Some file types need the corresponding App to open. )Compatible Devices:USB flash driver,camera,USB headset,USB sound card,USB amplifier, MIDI keyboard, SONY PHA amp, USB microphone, digital cameras, electric piano, electric torch, electric drums, PC keyboard, wired mouse Korg strike pads, YAMAHA mixer Audio DAC, Mojo DAC, music keyboard PAD, and so on Incompatible Devices:hard disk, printer, recorder, game handle, scavenging gun, portable WiFi, Bluetooth adapter, soundbox

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