USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter for Windows 10, 7 (32/64bit) FTDI Chip Pro Adapter

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Introduction: 3 foot Dual Port USB 2.0 to Serial Adapter FT2232D Chip with Power RX and TX LED This USB to Serial dual RS232 port converter cable utilizing the high performance FTDI CHIP easily adds 2 standard serial ports to your desktop, laptop or other mobile device. Serial outputs are automatically configured as additional COM ports. Compatible with most GPS and PDA devices (Garmin, Mallagan, Palm), modems, printers, scanners, digital cameras and office equipment. This converter cable has protection against static electricity and surges up to 15KV which gives you reliable data transfers and protects the converter and your equipment from damage due to over voltages. Product Details: USB Plug and Play allows easy installation and requires no IRQ, DMA, or I/O port resources which means more devices can be attached to your system without the hassles of device and resource conflicts. This adapter is suitable for general office usage as well as commercial and industrial applications. The FTDI and SIPEX CHIP Powered by USB, the device does not require a power outlet. Additional Specifications: USB interface: standard Type A female Baud rates up to 921.600bps Dual 16 Byte hardware data buffer (up/down stream) No IRQs, DMA or required. No IRQ Conflicts Automatic handshake support Cable Length: 3 feet OS Support: Windows 98, Me, XP, 2000, 2003, CE, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 Linux and Mac OS 10.X Package Contents: 36 Inch Dual Port USB 2.0 to Serial RS-232 Adapter Driver Disc for all operating systems

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