Vanatoo Transparent Zero Powered Speakers (Black, Set of 2)

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as of 08/07/2022 (Details)

Vanatoo's mission is to combine a passion for music with the latest technology to bring an unprecedented level of performance to our users. Our powered speakers incorporate a lot of high-tech features in an easy to use package that will have you grooving within minutes of opening the box. The Transparent Zero's small size belies its capability. Bass is full and robust, providing the musical foundation that competing systems lack. The midrange from the T0 is clear and articulate, providing a transparency to vocals and instruments that give the system its name. The high frequencies are clean and crisp. The result is an overall tonal balance and musicality normally associated with much larger systems. The combination of the unique industrial design along with the rich feature set means that the Transparent Zero is equally at home next to a computer, used for streaming music in a bedroom or on a patio, and as the centerpiece of a killer 2.1 entertainment and gaming system for your TV. Inputs include analog, USB, optical, and Bluetooth with aptX. The remote control allows you to pick your source from across the room, along with controlling the volume and tone controls. The magnetic grills provide the finished look that your living spaces demand. The "Smart Sub" output automatically detects that a subwoofer has been connected, setting the crossover for you and removing the bass from the T0 in the process. This both simplifies setup and improves the performance. The combination of features, performance, and flexibility mean that the Transparent Zero is effectively obsolete-proof, assuring you of many years of enjoyment, and in many different places in your life over those years!

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