VELLEE Upgraded USB Camera Adapter, USB OTG Cable Adapter Compatible with iPhone/iPad, Support iOS 13 and Before, USB Female Supports Connect Card Reader, U Disk, Keyboard, Mouse, USB Flash Drive

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as of 08/19/2022 (Details)

A great choice for you to transfer photos videos from digital camera card to iPhone/iPad , No APP required, Plug and Play ❤ Compatible devices: This USB Camera Adapter compatible with iPhone & iPad, Support Digital Camera, USB Flash Drive, Card Reader, Keyboards, Mouse, USB headset, MIDI Interface,USB microphone, USB amplifier, SONY PHA amp, electric piano, electric torch, electric drums, PC keyboard, wireless keyboards, etc (Note: Supports USB peripherals with current within 200 mAh;) ❤ Incompatible Devices: hard disk, printer, recorder, game handle, scavenging gun,portable WiFi, Bluetooth adapter, soundbox ★How to transfer photos and videos from flash drive to iOS device? ✅For iOS 13: is two-way transmite. (PS: Can transfer picture,video,Txt, Excel,Word,PPT,PDF. etc. ) 1. firstly, please connect the USB flash drive to the iPhone or iPad. 2. You can find and open the 'files' app on the iPhone or iPad. 3. Then find and open the option with the USB logo, you can see your files. 4. Now, You can view or play your files, or save your iPhone/iPad files to the USB flash drive or transfer USB drive files to your iPhone/iPad. ✅For iOS 9.2 -iOS 12: is one-way transmite (PS: just from the USb flash driver to iphone/iPad, only for transfer photos/ videos files, dose no support other files) Do not put photos in the U disk directly 1. Please create a folder called "DCIM" to the root of the USb flash driver 2. Then create a folder called "100CANON" into "DCIM" 3. Copy the photos and videos into the "100CANON" folder, rename each photo and video file as "IMG_XXXX", where XXXX is a unique number. ( For example, if you had one JPG file and one MOV file, name them "IMG_0001.JPG" and "IMG_0002.MOV" ) 4. Insert the USb flash driver to this adapter, after 3-7 seconds, iPhone/iPad will automatically pop-up the picture window.

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