Verbatim 98913 M-Disc BDXL 100GB 4X with Branded Surface – 5pk Jewel Case Box, Blue

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as of 08/07/2022 (Details)

Verbatim M DISC optical media is the new standard for digital archival storage. Unlike traditional optical media, which utilize dyes that can break down over time, data stored on an M DISC is engraved on a patented inorganic write layer – it will not fade or deteriorate. This unique engraving process renders these archival grade discs practically impervious to environmental exposure, including light, temperature and humidity. Designed for widely distributed large data such as scientific images, video, and other commercial application object data, Verbatim M DISC BDXL media have a storage capacity of 100GB – allowing you to use fewer discs while archiving your files

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